Foto: DWL 66 fs Exposure Head
Foto: Pattern-Generator
Foto: Photomask
Foto: Resist Structure
Foto: Three-dimensional Resist Structure
Foto: Microlenses
Foto: Hybridsubstrat
reinhardt MICROTECH / HF Substrat
Foto: Lange Koppler
Since 1984 the ROSE FOTOMASKEN Company has been manufacturing photomasks for research, development and production purposes for European customers. The photomasks are produced and tested with a very cost-effective method using laser lithography and very powerful software. The photomasks are produced with a very high degree of precision and freedom from defects and adapted to fully meet the needs of our customers, and that with 1 to 3 day delivery periods.
Our photomasks are used in the fields of semiconductor technology, integrated optics, hybrid and microwave technology, sensor systems, radio astronomy and micromechanics.
In addition to the photomask technique with glass plates, ROSE FOTOMASKEN also offers customer-specific technology steps to facilitate the production or development of miniaturized component parts.
Direct writing per customer data on wafers
or any other kind of substrate.
(Overlay Process)

Three-dimensional exposure of analog
photoresists per customer data
(Gray Scale Process)
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